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Once again not 80 days, more like 120


After a short (1 month) trip in the van through the West Australian Goldfields late last year, we’re hooked on the amazing beauty, and often the incredible solitude, that we wanted to do it all again but further and for a lot longer.


So this will be a journey that basically takes us from Perth up the coast of Western Australia, across the top of Australia perhaps as far as Cairns, the Queensland Tablelands, Eastern NSW, South Australian wine country, Southern Coast of WA, and back home to Perth. Mostly camping in the bush or on stations, with the occasional caravan park when we need to do washing or in the case of Darwin, hang around for the Everest to have its 25,000 k service.


As usual all arranged (and scrupulously spreadsheeted) by John “Vasco” Sutherland, the family “travel agent” 🙂


Since the only people reading this will probably be family after we’re dead, we hope it reminds you of the fun we had and the memories we made together in this last part of our life.

Latest Diary Notes

Latest Highlights

Meet John and Christine


As you can see we love to travel. Here we are in 2015 on one of our favourite trips with Star Clippers. In case you’re curious you can read more about us HERE.

Our Journey


Clicking on any of the destinations below will bring up a brief description, as well as an option to view more information if you’re interested.


If the map or travel lines disappear, just refresh this page.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” – Mark Twain