About Us
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About Us

About Us

John and Christine are from Perth, Western Australia. Obviously, we love to travel and figure that we’d better do as much of it while we’re physically capable.


John is a retired engineer, and Christine is semi-retired, still writing books and papers and still providing training now and again to psychologists and counsellors who work with chronic pain patients.


In the past we’ve travelled throughout New Zealand, North America, Canada, Europe (including Eastern Europe), Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. And we’ve travelled by plane, boat/ship and rail. We love it all.


John by this time has a reputation for jinxing himself, having ended up in hospital on our last 2 international trips, one of them a very serious break that required emergency treatment in Romania, followed by a flight to Vienna for world-class surgery. Thank heavens for excellent, free travel insurance through our credit card provider.


We usually plan our holidays completely by ourselves and so far even when things have gone wrong, they’ve worked out to be incredibly serendipitous (even the smashed wrist saw us revamp our trip to be even better, especially seeing Vienna and Salsburg).


We really love AirBnB for the privacy and space, and the fact that generally the locations are incredible. We’ve met the loveliest and most interesting hosts.


The trips we’ve done with Star Clippers, around Thailand and also the Mediterranean, have been incredible, including meeting great people from around the world that we still keep in touch with.


Anyway, we’re incredibly excited about taking off on our longest trip yet, over months, from mid-late March 2022.

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