Back in Chihuahua
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Back in Chihuahua

‚Äč4-hour bus trip, very helpful Mexicans on the trip and on arrival. Short cab ride from Centro bus station to Plaza Hotel, 50 pesos, about $3.50.

Room and bed comfy enough, and the view from the restaurant balcony really great.
Hopefully the internet will be good enough to update the trip blog!
Tomorrow we fly to New Orleans via Dallas. To summarise our thoughts about Mexico, it was a fantastic experience that we’d highly recommend to anyone.
The language is a bit of a problem as hardly any English is spoken in the areas we’ve visited. It seems these areas aren’t widely promoted throughout the world. We didn’t meet a single Australian on our journeys and the tourists were mainly Mexican, US, or Canadian. (In fact quite a few of the Canadians we met own property in Mexico and spend winter there.) There were some from the UK, very few Europeans, and no Chinese, Japanese, or other Asian nationalities.
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