Georgia Countryside
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Georgia Countryside

We drove up from Atlanta after flying in from New Orleans a couple of days ago and are here for 2 more nights, in the Mineral Bluff/McCaysville/Blue Ridge area. And what an incredible piece of countryside it is. I (Christine) am just besotted and totally understand the feeling behind the song “Georgia on My Mind”. Literally don’t want to leave this stunning place.

The trees are just beginning to leaf up or blossom, and most are pretty bare, so you can see through to the leafy brown forest floor, and also through the branches up to the sky. It’s pretty awesome sitting in the outside hot spa by a fast-flowing creek, sipping bubbles and just enjoying the beauty of our surroundings.

The AirBnB house is called “Tumbling Waters” and it’s situated right on the bank of a perfectly attractive bubbling creek. It’s very private, well-equipped, and just the most beautiful, perfect bolt hole. Great for families, but also a really amazing couple’s retreat.







Yesterday we took a long drive to try to find some white water rafting for John but it was too early in the season. We found one zip line business (Zipline Canopy Tours 800-251-4800 – ask for Greg) actually open and feel so lucky to have found that one because we booked in today. 13 zip lines totalling over 6000 metres of line, through forest, over streams and pastures, with our tiny group managed superbly by fun-loving and safety-conscious David and Maegen. It was a 2-hour total buzz and will definitely go into our “highlights” category. John only just scraped in by a few months, as the cut off for this adventure is 70 years of age.

We heard that people who zip line all over the world have described it as the best they’ve ever done, and even without that experience, we have no doubt that’s true. The runs start slow and easy and get longer, higher and faster. The last run was over a kilometre and a perfect way to come down the mountain and end the zip line adventure.


On our final day we went for a longer drive, and a 2-hour hike through some beautiful forest to visit a couple of lovely waterfalls, Turtle Town Falls. It was a circular walk, with a return trek across a ridge between 2 creek valleys.



At this time of year (mid March) most of the deciduous trees were completely bare, some blossoming tress were spectacular, lots of new leaf was a brilliant magenta, and the leaf-strewn forest floor enabled clear view of the slopes. No doubt every season has its attractions, would also be wonderful to see in a few weeks when spring is further along, in fall when the leaf fall is multi-coloured, and in the depths of winter.


We got a special treat when it snowed on the morning we left. Standing with snow falling on you, when it’s something you only rarely experience in your life, is just too magical for words.

Really can’t think of a better way to experience Georgia than to stay at this amazing AirBnB, possibly the most amazing of all AirBnBs we’ve ever stayed with over the last 5 years, and to go zip lining, and to do this particular walk. It’s been 4 days of wow moments, along with the most peaceful and relaxing environment we could imagine.

Yes, we are blown away by Georgia.


Postscript: weeks away from Georgia, Georgia is still on my mind. We’ve seen the most incredible and spectacular sights, had amazing experiences, but Georgie keeps creeping back with such a sense of “home”. So I just had to add this video below (sorry about the 5-second advert at the beginning – it’s definitely not my doing!)

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