From El Fuerte to Creel
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From El Fuerte to Creel

In El Fuerte we woke to that lovely river view from our balcony and then headed for a quick breakfast, cooked by the owner. The coffee was to die for. I usually always have milk with mine, but that would’ve been an insult to that brew.

The same taxi from the night before was ready waiting for us as requested, 7.30 am.

The train (El Chepe) left more or less on time, and we did the reverse trip back through Copper Canyon and onto Creel, approximately 7.5 hours.

John had investigated flying to Los Mochos and then doing the train trip just as once in one direction (without backtracking) but that would have involved flights from Dalla to Mexico City and then from Mexico City to Los Mochis, all adding to travel time and expense. Much simpler to fly in and out of Mexico via Chihuahua and do the return trip by bus and rail. The chance to go through Copper Canyon twice is no hardship!

Another reason for leaving Los Mochis out of the travel equation is that the departure time from Los Mochis would also mean an extremely early start to the day, around 4 am. Also the scenery from Los Mochis to El Fuerte is nothing special, we have read.


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