Off to Copper Canyon
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Off to Copper Canyon

We could have taken the train from Chihuahua to Barrancas del Cobre (Copper Canyon), however the train leaves at 6 am, meaning a very early start, and given the jet lag and the fact we’re told he scenery is not so spectacular, we decided the bus was not only a better option but cheaper.

The trip was long and tortuous, especially with the rough and winding roads in the final third of the 6-hour journey. At one point the bus was struggling so badly to get up a gradient that the driver stopped completely and did something to the engine. Despite our concern about being stranded many miles from anywhere, we continued on. Bus drivers have it tough on these poorly-maintained roads so far from help. The views as we entered the canyon region were spectacular.

How Hotel Mirador isn’t overrun by Europeans and Chinese I have no clue. It’s simply magnificent. I guess it’s out in the middle of nowhere, with such poor wifi that it’s insufficient to do any downloading and certainly no uploading of photos, or chatting via Viber or WhatsApp for example.

The Hotel Mirador, perched on a cliff with brilliant canyon views for kilometres into the distance, is rustic and charming rather than flash, but you get those views from the private balcony of every room.

It was fascinating and enjoyable to meet some very interesting fellow travellers mainly from the US and Canada but also from Mexico City, and to hear their stories and tips. The guy from Mexico City worked for Resmed, a well-known Australian company with an extensive international market.

Meals are included and are delicious. A big breakfast buffet, and 3 courses for both lunch and dinner.

Today John’s gone on a walk plus visiting an adventure park with a canyon zip line. (Found out later it was closed for service.) I would’ve dearly loved to go but just a bit off today. Anyway, I get to sit on the balcony of the big lobby, looking out over the canyon and watching eagles dipping and soaring in the morning mist. And writing this piece to upload to the site once we have decent internet. It’s just so peaceful and glorious that I can’t possibly complain about that.

Later, reading a book in the sun on our own balcony, I watched the zip line in operation (apparently some people were allowed on). It was surely at least a kilometre of line over the canyon. Incredible. And the eagles again, actually soaring so close beneath me I could just about count every feather.

Checkout time we paid our bill for drinks. I thought the barman said 95 pesos for the Mexican red I chose. Nope, 895 ($63 AUD – blooming expensive for a Mexican wine). It was nice though 🙂 Tip for me: actually ask to see the price list next time.

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