Overnight in Dallas, Texas en Route to Chihuahua
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Overnight in Dallas, Texas en Route to Chihuahua

After sitting for an hour on the tarmac, finally took off on a 15-hour flight from Sydney to Dallas. Tip: try to sit more forward in the plane to avoid horrible brats. I’m not talking babies who know no better. I’m talking children who are completely undisciplined and out of control. Felt so sorry for the row behind us, who couldn’t even put their seats back because they were jammed up against a wall.


Cab driver tried to rip us off, but had no choice but to stick to the printed schedule. I guess cabs are the same the world over.


The Super 8 North Hotel was a bit of a surprise. While the room itself is fine, reception was bizarre to say the least. Quite unwelcoming and everyone approaching the desk was told to go sit down and we’d be called when they were ready. Anyway, will be out of here tomorrow morning for the flight to Chihuahua, where the overseas adventure really starts.



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