3 Days in Varenna
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3 Days in Varenna

Saturday 14 September – Arrived in Varenna

Varenna is one of the towns on the shores of Lake Como. Other towns are more famous (like Bellagio and Como for example) but are also much thicker and more hectic with tourists. So it’s a good base.

On this first day we just explored our surroundings, finding that there is no grocery or fruit/vege shop, but just a couple of delicatessens selling a lot of local produce with processed meats, cheese, and wine. It seems the whole region is keen to keep its old-style ambiance and of course this is very nice.

Sunday 15 September – Day 2 in Varenna

Slept in, late start, decided to spend the day taking ferries around the lake.

First stop was Villa del Balbianello, which among many more important things, was a setting for the James Bond movie Skyfall. Got a pic of the famous garden scene where Daniel Craig shot the bad guy.

Met very nice couple from Lake Tambourine in Queensland, Suellen and Craig. Please say hi from John and Christine if you know these guys.

Villa del Balbianello was built in the late 1700s. Gifted to the FIA who caretaker it now.

Lake Como was originally a massive glacier in a “Y” shape fed by the Adda River. One of the arms of the “Y” ends in Como and is a dead end which floods from time to time. Other arm ends in Lecco, where there is a narrowing to allow the Adda to flow on and eventually meet with other tributaries to flow out to sea.

John lost our all-day boat ticket somehow but we must have looked honest because they let us on the ferry back home to Varenna without a ticket.


Monday 16 September – Day 3 in Varenna

Slow start, took a walk with a packed lunch with the intention of investigating Varenna and having a swim.

Walked up to Villa Monastero and had a good look around the lovely gardens there, before heading back for a swim in the lake.

We saw two beautifully dressed guys on the pier with a number of cameras and thought they must be actors in a movie, but it turned out it was a wedding. Very sweet, everyone on the beach clapped for them.

Dinner tonight at one of the cliffside restaurants.

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